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About Us

The Panama-Buena Vista Union School District Board of Trustees desires to provide an opportunity for students who are insubordinate or disorderly, irregular in attendance and/or habitual truants. The Board's intent is to resolve these pupils' problems by offering an opportunity class for all or part of the school. Students assigned to the opportunity class would be offered specialized curriculum climate, instruction, and guidance services, so that they may reestablish themselves for return to the regular program as soon as practicable.
Students will be identified for possible placement in the Opportunity Class who have exhibited the following behaviors or are in danger of developing the following behavior patterns:
  • Students who are irregular in attendance and/or habitual truants
  • Students who are insubordinate or disorderly
  • Students that have received excessive suspensions
  • In lieu of expulsion, Ed. Code 48918(e)
  • Students that have been expelled and the expulsion set aside with recommendation for placement in the Opportunity Class by the Board of Trustees (NOTE: Student on probationary status for term of expulsion)
  • Voluntary placement
Students identified for possible placement should show signs that they would benefit from the placement in the Opportunity Class and show some promise of being restored to the regular program successfully.