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Students that are assigned to the Opportunity Program will be expected to comply with the following
list while attending class and going to or coming from class.
  • Student will not loiter around any other school campus during school hours.
  • Student will need parent supervision and school site administration approval to go to home
    school site for any reason.
  • Student will need parent supervision to attend any other school site. (Sporting events, musical
    events, assemblies, etc.)
  • Student will attend the Opportunity Program daily from 8:28 a.m. to 3:40 p.m.
  • Student supervision starts at 8:00 a.m., student will need to be picked up no later than 3:50 p.m.
  • NO BACKPACKS ALLOWED, they are not needed.
  • No gum is to be brought or chewed during school hours.
  • No skates or skateboards without prior permission. Bicycles and scooters are allowed and will be
    locked in a gated area next to the office.
  • Student will obey all class, school and district computer policies.
  • Student will follow the district dress code. This includes: No sagging pants, no un-natural hair
    color, no holes or rips in pants above the knee, no pajamas, no slippers and no blankets. Students
    should not dress in any manner that distracts from the educational process.
  • Students will refrain from use of vulgar and inappropriate language or conversations.
  • Students will make an effort to complete all assignments in a timely manner. If assignments are
    not completed, the student may be required to take unfinished work home, or complete work in
    the office.
  • Weekly progress reports must be signed by parent/guardian and returned to school on the
    following Monday or upon the students return to school.
  • The District is not responsible for personal items that are brought to school (i.e. cell phones, MP3
    players, Gameboys, games, CD’s, etc.).
  • Cell phones are to be checked in to the office upon arrival on campus and checked out at
  • Eighth grade students who attend the Opportunity Program until the end of the school year will
    participate in a ceremony given by the Opportunity Program. Request to participate in home
    school site ceremonies will be denied by the District. (Student’s diploma is issued by the home
    school site and signed by home school site Principal).
The Opportunity Program is not designed as a repository for resistant learners. Students that fail to
comply with the above list could face disciplinary actions, possible suspension, or removal from the
Opportunity Program.